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PASTAZA illuminates the reality of the indigenous peoples who live in the Peruvian Amazon, in zones of severe contamination resulting from almost half a century of oil exploitation. This film chronicles their struggle for well-being and the determination of their federations to raise the voices of their people, demanding justice.




A Front Row Seat to the Front Lines

Oil & Water

Oil & Water

They don’t mix. Oil companies have been exploiting and contaminating with impunity for over 43 years in the headwaters of the Amazon.

Environmental & Humanitarian Crisis

Severe levels of toxic waste have been found throughout the region, causing widespread illness and ecological devastation.

Indigenous Alliance

Five indigenous nationalities have united to form a movement for justice, health, and peace.


Four major river basins in the Peruvian Amazon – the Marañón, Tigre, Corrientes, and Pastaza – are reeling in the wake of over four decades of oil exploitation. Since March 2013 all of these areas have been declared environmental and humanitarian crisis zones. However, the only thing the people have received from the government is scientific proof that their families are slowly being poisoned.

The Quechua, Achuar, Urarina, Kichwa, and Kukama Kukamiria people have been abandoned by government inaction, with zero access to clean water, safe food, or adequate health care.

They have witnessed the devastation of their rivers, lakes, forests, and soils and felt sickness eating away at their families, communities and ancestral way of life. Unable to bear the deafening silence of their government in the face of such blatant social and environmental injustice, their voices are now rising in unity to denounce the pain and suffering that has become their daily bread.

PASTAZA tells the story of the Quechua federation from the Pastaza river, FEDIQUEP, and their dedicated leader, Aurelio Chino Dahua, whose determination has brought his people to their feet to demand that those responsible pay

for their crimes against humanity and clean up the rainforest. The film shows the many faces of those on the front lines of this struggle, professing their love of the Amazon; their grief at its destruction; and their devotion to peace, health, life, and water.

The Amazon is literally the heart of the planet, providing roughly 20% of our fresh water and land-based oxygen, while affecting global weather systems. Additionally, it holds extraordinary biodiversity and is a living library of indigenous knowledge. What affects the Amazon affects us all.



We are not poor. We have everything. We have all kinds of natural resources within this territory. This is our market, our hardware store, our pharmacy. It has to be taken care of.

— Aurelio Chino Dahua, Quechua tribal leader —

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Get Involved

Water is a global issue. Defending it is a global movement. We all need it to survive. This is not just an Amazonian problem, or an indigenous rights concern, nor is this merely for environmentalists.

This is a human issue, with human solutions. You can join us.

Let’s get creative!

All donations and support are welcome. Here are some other important ways you can get involved:

  • Sign this Avaaz petition demanding Peru’s government provide humanitarian relief for the indigenous peoples of Loreto immediately!
  • Offer your skills in specialized water-filtration systems.
  • Show PASTAZA in your School, on your phone, in your living room, to your community . Get your viewers’ testimonials published on this website. If we get enough of them we will send them straight to the Peruvian government!
  • Offer your Permaculture skills to these communities or run a Permaculture course to help affected communities generate solutions and regeneration from within.



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